Patrice Clark-Peters
Dark nights lead to colorful mornings.

Afro Constructivism

Afro constructivism-

"The mythos of black people in the Americas. Ranging from the 1900s to the 2000s. Afro Constructivism is a showcase of all black people did to engineer the trends and standards of the modern day using propaganda advertising imagery with bright broad colors to rally the people. Showcasing civil rights movements, tragadies, trends, fads, music innovation, decline and prosper of a group of people displaced in a new world. Questions will be raised on blackness and conduct. Who we love as black and who we do not. History layers of events you've heard wil come to light. Many sexes, genders, and pronouns will be explored in detail during these moments in history. Afro Constructivism, rebuilding the brand of Black in America.- Patrice Clark-Peters

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