Patrice Clark-Peters
Dark nights lead to colorful mornings.

Motion graphics

Motion Graphics designed using either adobe after effects or Cinema 4D

Noir Experiment

Integrating textures and video onto this experiment. Used Cinema 4d and Adobe After Effects

Slump Bump 5

After Effects Experiment.

Slump bump 4.

After Effects experiment.

Noir Masque: Z axis

Typography z axis text

Slump bump 3

After Experiments. Made with only after effects.

Noir 1.

After Experiments. Made with after effects.

Slump Bump 2.

After Experiments. Done on after effects.


Swiss design motion graphics

Slump Bump 6

After Effects Experiment

Slump Bump 7

After Effects Experiment

Slump Bump 1.

After Experiments. Done In Cinema 4D